smart numbers

This app generates random numbers and statistics based on previous draws.

It mitigates/avoids the human bias when selecting numbers.
When trying to select "random" numbers, subconsciously,
we select numbers that has some "meaning" to us(birth dates, anniversaries, etc).

Then it generates statistics(simple and extended).
When study the statistics some patterns are less possible to appear and some others are almost impossible.

Some examples based on a lottery game with numbers from 1 to 50 and 6 balls.

less possible
1. all the numbers are odd and/or all numbers are even. Usually are equilibrated/balanced 3/3 or 2/4
2. the sum of the numbers to be less than 80 or more than 270

almost impossible
1. all numbers are consecutive, 10-11-12-13-14-15
2. all numbers are in the same decade, 11-12-15-17-19-20

Using the filters we can exclude several statistics values or patterns.

Before investing any significant time and money of yours,
PLEASE, take a look at this video.

Under construction
filters_allocation_small_big_odd_even filters_allocation_decades
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a short video about the usage
numbers_stats_sort_by_number numbers_stats_sort_by_delay numbers_stats_sort_by_previous_delay numbers_stats_sort_by_avg_delay
Under construction
a short video about the usage
Under construction
a short video about the usage